International students
You are one of over 14,000 students from other countries studying in Lyon. Welcome!
Like most European countries, France organizes university studies according to the BMD system: Bachelor-Master-Doctorate.
For students coming to Lyon in the context of an exchange program, the first place to look for resources is the school's International Relations service.
Many students have a job to help pay for their studies. Perhaps you are one of these. Remember, however, that work and studies are difficult to reconcile!
It's not easy to find a place to stay in Lyon! Start looking before your arrival and plan for temporary lodgings if necessary.
Different countries have different eating habits. How many meals are eaten in France and at what time? Where and how can you purchase food?
In France, the social security system is among the word's best. You will be almost totally reimbursed and, in most cases, you won't have to pay upfront for your healthcare.
In order to drive a car, you must have a driving licence. Be careful to respect the French highway code, which may be different from the one in your country !
To be able to study in France, you might need to take a language test. Have a look at the different tests and the language centers and associations that can help you learn...and fit in!
Associations and venues organize a variety of welcome events, tours, themed evenings and outings.
Cultural centers are multi-purpose and feature language courses, presentations of the country's culture, exhibitions and lectures; they also welcome students.