A sports City

Lyon has over 550 sports clubs in all arrondissements, as well as many installations with free access, 48 gymnasiums, 28 stadiums and 56 playing fields.

At the University

Participate in different athletic activities to perfect your technique or learn a new sport. These activities also provide an opportunity to meet other students and become an integral part of university life.
A sports City

Competitive sports

Sport is part of your curriculum. It can add an extra course credit (unite d’enseignement, or UE), a partial credit or extra points for examinations. Each university has a sports service (SUAPS) and schools usually have a sports office. Ask your school for further information. You can also choose a sport “just for fun” as long as there are available places.

Body-building, badminton, African dance, volleyball, rugby, swimming and capoeira are just some of the possibilities. Courses are usually held during the day, so fit them into your schedule! This is the least expensive way to participate in sports activities.

The sports association at each school organizes training. Matches are held on Thursdays and are under the auspices of the Fédération Française du Sport Universitaire (FFSU, the French federation of university sports): 43 boulevard du 11 novembre - 69100 Villeurbanne - Tel. 04 72 44 80 89 - sport-u-lyon.com
A certificate of medical approval is necessary for participating in sports.

High-level athletics
High-level athletes and national or regional athletic hopefuls can benefit from course schedules that take into account training requirements. Certain centers known as “Pôle Espoirs” (for training athletic hopefuls) are supervised by the Direction Regional de la Jeunesse et des Sports (regional department for young people and sports).

In the City

A sports City
For more information about Lyon sports clubs, call the city sports service at 04 26 99 63 01, visit the City of Lyon official website or send an email to:

A guide to sports in Lyon is distributed by LyonCampus and the Municipal Sports Office.

For medical certificates, make an appointment with the Centre Médico-Sportif :
23 rue Félix Brun – 1st floor – 69007 Lyon
Tel. 04 78 58 11 90

Major sports installations in the urban area

Gerland Stadium
353 avenue Jean Jaurès – 69007 Lyon
Metro Line B, Stade de Gerland station
This stadium holds over 44,000 spectators for football and rugby matches. You can cheer for our Olympique Lyonnais team during Cup matches, the Championship and the Champion’s League.
Seats are available starting at 8 euros by calling 0 892 46 1230.

Metro Line A, Laurent Bonnevay - Astroballe station
44 avenue Marcel Cerdan - 69100 Villeurbanne.
This white arena with 5,500 seats is home to ASVEL (basketball). Seat prices start at 7.50 euros.
Reservations at 04 72 14 16 70

Le Palais des Sports
Metro Line B, Stade de Gerland station
350 avenue Jean Jaurès – 69007 Lyon
This is the venue for different sports events, such as the Lyon Tennis Grand Prix, the Trial Indoor, and the acrobatic rock World Championships; the building holds 6,500 spectators.

La Patinoire Charlemagne (skating rink)
T1 Tramway, Sainte-Blandine station
100 cours Charlemagne, 69002 Lyon – Tel. 04 78 42 64 55
Entry + skate rental: €5 (show your student card)
Pass for 10 entries: €16.80 and 10 skate rentals: €23.10

La Halle des Sports
Metro Line B and T1, Part-Dieu station
91 boulevard Vivier Merle – 69003 Lyon
This very large gymnasium includes three basketball courts that can be transformed into three tennis or volleyball courts, and a fitness room.
List of gymnasiums

Lyon Skate Park
Skateboards, BMX, scooters, inline skates
24, allée Pierre de Coubertin - 69007 Lyon
04 78 69 17 86

Climbing wall
11 rue Lortet - 69007 Lyon
Metro Line B and T2, Jean Macé station
04 72 71 83 84

Accrobranches (rope trails through the trees)
Fourvière Aventures
18 euros for a 2 1/2-hour route
3 place du 158e Régiment d'Infanterie, 69005 Lyon‎ - 04 78 36 31 75‎

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Reserve at 0820 320 368 (€0.118/min )
Skimania and SLD travel agencies offer a number of different stations for a same-day trip so that you can choose the combination you prefer.

Sports Events

Games and matches galore!
Support your team, whether it’s Olympique Lyonnais, ASVEL, LOU or another team, at games and matches in stadiums and sports centers throughout Lyon or in one of the many bars that broadcast sports events.

Lyon Free VTT (mountain biking)
In September. This event features a mountain bike trail through the urban environment and is open to all. Ride 42, 34, 24 or 13 km.

Weekly get-together:
Génération Roller organizes a weekly get-together at Place Bellecour on Friday evenings at 9 p.m. for beginners and at 10 p.m. for experienced skaters. Around 1,000 participants, who are accompanied by a security team, skate through city streets.

Run in Lyon
on October 3:
10 km, semi-marathon and marathon: http://www.runinlyon.com/

nighttime rally in December, http://www.saintelyon.com/course-raid-nocturne/

For the latest information, see the news section on this site:
Regional sports channel
Lyon sports radio

Student sports events
Sports associations and student offices organize sports events throughout the year.
Les Foulées de Villeurbanne (running)
Les 24h de l’INSA (diverse events)
The “24 Hours of INSA” is one of the largest student events in France and features concerts, all kinds of activities and some wild races (inline skates, bikes, hiking). Everything you could wish for in the way of excitement and100% free!

Individual cultural or sports activities

Courses, workshops and training on the cultural web portal

Many neighborhood associations propose activities.
Lyon has eleven Maisons des Jeunes et de la Culture (MJC, youth and cultural centers). These are managed by associations that evaluate local needs and create programs adapted to the area. They also provide services and events designed to promote cultural activities. They provide a place to meet, gather information, discuss and exchange ideas and facilitate social and cultural life.

MJCs in Lyon:

• MJC de La Duchère - 237 rue des Erables - 69009 Lyon
Tel. 04 78 35 39 21

• MJC de Saint Rambert – 8 rue Ernest Fabrègue
69009 Lyon – Tel. 04 78 83 29 68

• MJC Espace Montchat – 16 rue Bonnand - 69003 Lyon
Tel. 04 78 54 00 78

• MJC Perrache Presqu’île - Centre d’Echanges Cours de Verdun - 69002 Lyon – Tel. 04 78 38 49 69

• MJC Laennec Mermoz - 21 rue Genton - 69008 Lyon
Tel. 04 37 90 55 90

• MJC de Villeurbanne - Ciné théâtre Bonnetière - 46 cours Jean Damidot - 69100 Villeurbanne - Tel. 04 78 84 84 83

• MJC du Vieux-Lyon - 5 place Saint-Jean - 69005 Lyon
Tel. 04 78 38 24 78 - www.mjcduvieuxlyon.com/

• MJC Jean Macé - 85 rue Chevreul - 69007 Lyon
Tel. 04 78 58 73 10

• MJC Ménival - 29 avenue de Ménival - 69005 Lyon
Tel. 04 72 38 81 61

• MJC de Montplaisir - 25 avenue des frères Lumière
69008 Lyon – Tel. 04 72 78 05 70

• MJC Espace Jeune 6ème - 33 rue Bossuet - 69006 Lyon
Tel. 04 78 52 49 45

• MJC Maison pour tous – Salle des Rancy - 249 rue Vendôme 69003 Lyon – Tel. 04 78 60 64 01

• MJC de Saint Just - Galerie 47 – 47 rue des Farges
69005 Lyon – Tel. 04 72 32 16 33