Accommodation grants

Accommodation grants are given by Family Allowance. The amount varies according to criteria such as rent-price, income, marital status, etc)

Accommodation grants

These are given by Family Allowance (on the website The amount varies according to criteria such as rent price, income, marital status, etc…

Individual housing grant (APL)

Accommodation grants
In order to qualify for this grant, a student must rent (or own) State-certified accommodation. All council flats are State certified. Ask for information from the flat owner or the property management office before signing the lease. The APL individual housing grant is paid directly to the owner, who deducts the amount from the rent due. The APL grant is revised on July 1st each year. This grant cannot be combined with the ALS grant. It cannot be given to a person receiving parental allowance either. For students, the amount of money granted is based on given minimal financial resources.

Council house grant (ALS)

Students can qualify for this grant, whether they earn money or not, as long as they lease or sub lease accommodation conforming to certain standards (a living area of at least 9m² + 7m² per extra person…) Students are expected to devote a given percentage of their financial resources to paying the rent. Minimal required financial resources are fixed each year. The ALS grant cannot be combined with any other grant. If a student of under 20 applies for the ALS grant, this may mean their parents receive less or no family allowance as a result. Make enquiries at Family Allowance (CAF) before making your choice.

Family housing grant (ALF)

This grant is reserved for married couples, whether they earn a living or not, or for single people with one or several children. The criteria are similar to those required for the ALS grant. Please note that for a given minimum rent, the annual income taken into account will be higher. You can make an estimate of your grant here.

Administrative procedure : how to apply for a grant by internet

Enter the details about your accommodation and your status. A file will be created with an internet number.

The Locapass : guarantee deposit and surety

This grant is for people who want to rent accommodation and who cannot provide a guarantee deposit (la caution, in French), or who have nobody to sign the surety papers for them (un garant, in French). This grant is free of charge, but you have to pay back the guarantee deposit lent to you. Locapass is granted to young people and people with paid jobs by the 1% housing collectors.

Please note the following criteria :
- you must be under 30
- training in a company
- or looking for a job
- be a young person on a finite CDD contract or a student (having worked for at least 3 months on a CDD of at least 3 months at the time of application for the grant, or currently on a training course of 3 months with papers to prove this).
- Useful information. You can apply for a Locapass grant on the following websites, even if you signed a lease less than a month ago.
Alliade Habitat

You can find more information here.